Our Team

Our team is composed of dynamic experienced and talented human resources both in management and production.

Mr. ON SokHeang, General Manager

From an ordinary employee to a two leading magazine publisher, SokHeang has gone through so much for the last 4 years. His strong commitment to lasting customer relationship has kept his business standing this long in the market. His compassionate leadership and interpersonal empathy has gained trust from both his staff and business partners. Undoubtedly, his vision is to go beyond publishing, covering other related services, one of which is now translation.

Mr. SUM Sithen, Business Development Manager

As an outstanding academic background, Sithen has carried on his spirit of excellence and candor from university to business. The delicacy, beauty and mastery of two main foreign languages – French and English – exceed the expectations of those who come into contact with him. Equipped with a considerable experience in Marketing and Training and overseas exposure, he’s more than a  mere manager. He’s also currently actively involved in a few part-time social teams, all of whose he took the lead.

You can also keep in touch with him via FaceBook:
Sithen Sum ស៊ុំ ស៊ីថែន | Create Your Badge
Sithen Sum ស៊ុំ ស៊ីថែន

Besides our in-house experts, we also hire experienced and recognized freelancers to cater to your demand in languages. If you’d like to be part of our exclusive and qualified pool of professionals, please contact us now.

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