Promoting your brand and reputation through CSR

19 Aug

“In case you don’t know what CSR stands for, it means “corporate social responsibility”. Although conceptualized as part of a company’s marketing strategies, the concept has now become virtually an integral part of an successful business. In Cambodia, some people say CSR is a branding technique. But the actual implementation goes beyond commercial brand.


H.E. Sok Siphana giving speech on branding at CJCC

To build a sound reputation, it all starts with oneself. An entrepreneur should act with integrity and confidence. My experience was learned the hard way through the dark time of Pol Pot regime, which has built my inner stamina. So even while in the US, I said to myself to be determined to do my best and I made it at university within a couple of years, instead of a usual four years.

Once this personal identity, one should look at how the entrepreneur treats their family. Sometimes, they can be publicly well-presented. Yet, the way they deal with their loved ones is not that consistent. In my family, I share considerable time with my wife and kid to make sure they feel warm at home.

Once this home emotion is secured, this can contaminate one’s workplace, too. In my law firm, I do have certain standards for me and associates to follow. For example, my habit is to reply to emails within 24 hours or at least reply with a short notice to check later. I also choose clients to work with as, by guts, one can tell who can go further with us!

As my personal, family and professional branding has been built, it becomes quite easy to radiate my reputation at the national level. One sure thing is, I behave in public by being true to myself. It’s all because I feel great about who I am inside. So I can always overcome fears and external constraints in my life.”

Summarized from H.E. Sok Siphana’s speech

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