How to Find a Good Translation Service

16 Mar

It will be great if we can speak a lot of languages in the world, we can talk to many people outside of our country and make a good communication. But sometimes we can not just do it because of the limited

skills we have in certain languages. I have been learning English for more than 12 years, but there was one time when I could not understand an English text in a certain subject or field that I know nothing about.


In this case, I need to find translation services. There will be so many places to do our work in the translation, but we have to be a ware of three basic factors to determine the goodness of the service they provide. Those thinsgs are:

1. The Excellent quality

2. The On-time delivery

3. The Price

Quality of translation should be considered first. We can know how the quality is by reading testimonials of clients or asking people who have used their service before.

On-time delivery will be the second priority. We can not expect the perfect quality, but it takes forever to get the result back to our hand. Make sure you know that they can give you a guarantee about their commitment in treating our determined deadline .

Well, the last, it is pretty realistic also to include. So after you compare two or more services, you can now start to see the price, cheaper is better. But if the price of translating is too cheap (absurd), then you have to check the first and the second factor.

By bearing these three factors in mind, you can start to offer your task to people who specialize in that field of translation. Good luck!

By Deka (with some editing)

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