Proofreading Articles – Use a Spell and Grammar Checker

17 May

By Dr. Mark Clayson

If you are writing articles for publication elsewhere or even if you are writing for publication on your own website or blog, you need to ensure that they are of good quality both in the context and information they impart but also via the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Therefore, you would need to proofread your articles and edit where necessary. In previous articles I have advised on how you should rest between writing and proofreading, how you should read your articles out loud, how you should read the article out of context and how you should consider teaming up with somebody who is either a professional proof reader or who writes articles themselves. I now wish to encourage you to use an article spell checker and grammar checker.

Many people write their articles either directly into article directory dialogue boxes or directly into word editing programs such as Notepad. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this in a major sense, it does seem odd that people do not use more sophisticated word processing and editing software because, in this way, they can take advantage of some of their superior specifications. Most word processors have a spell checker and a grammar checker. After you have written your article, you can run the spell checker and grammar checker in order to find the most important and glaring mistakes.

Not all of these checkers will pick up every single mistake, but they will pick up most of them. Importantly, they will pick up things that you did not realize and this will help you in the future to manufacture articles and pieces of content that you can already write without those errors being incorporated in the first place. Or, otherwise, you can use the educational experiences you gain from using these spell checkers and grammar checkers in order to help with your own proofreading which you should be doing anyway.

Programs such as Microsoft Word (part of Microsoft Office) do cost money to buy. But you can get free software which performs the same types of functions. One of these is Open Office, which is freely available to download and use. It has most of the functions of costly software and is constantly updated.

A spell checker and grammar checker can certainly help to relieve you of some of the burden of editing. Plus, it can help you to produce articles of good quality both in context as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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